About Samantha

I'm Samantha - photographer, owner, marketing director, set designer and receptionist for Sugar Six. I do it all from taking your phone call to photographing your memories and personally retouching the images to ensure you look your best. Just me - making sure every single client is happy for the past ten years.I'm also a wife, mother to teenagers, personal assistant to my dog Cooper and a 24 year Eagle River, Alaska resident. I love all things wedding, hockey and cheesy game shows. I'm drawn to vibrant rich colors and turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs. I truly believe anything is possible with good light, a sense of humor and a Pepsi with a bendy straw!

If you would have told me in high school that I’d live in Alaska and become a professional photographer, I’d have thought you were insane. I was pretty sure I was going to be a sky scraper window washer who’d skip days at work to surf and eat salt water taffy.  But I met a boy…isn’t that how most of the stories go? I met a boy who was from Alaska and soon enough I was coming up here “just to visit” and ended up never leaving. At 19 years old, I flew back to California to sell all of my belongings except the shorts that would fit in my suitcase {I literally owned NO pants when I moved up to Alaska in February} and a year and a half later I was married. I still to this day finish that story off with “what was I thinking?” Clearly I’m a little crazy and tenacious which it turns out are helpful qualities to have as a photographer. I’m willing to jump into, and climb onto, just about anything to get the shot, capture the emotion and tell your story through images. Once I’ve set my mind to something, we are going to get it done come rain, snow, crying baby, moose or crabby groomsmen.  I strive to run my business in a way that makes me proud and I’m honored to have a great reputation in our community.

When I asked my friends on Facebook how they'd describe me for my About Me page. I loved their funny answers and they were pretty spot on!






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