About Samantha

I'm Samantha - photographer, owner, marketing director, set designer and receptionist for Sugar Six. I do it all from taking your phone call to photographing your memories and personally retouching the images to ensure you look your best. Just me - making sure every single client is happy for the past ten years.I'm also a wife, mother to teenagers, personal assistant to my dog Cooper and a new Washington resident after 30 years in Eagle River Alaska. I love all things hockey, true crime and cheesy game shows. I'm drawn to vibrant rich colors and turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs. I truly believe anything is possible with good light, a sense of humor and a Pepsi with a bendy straw!

If you would have told me in high school that I’d become a professional photographer I’d have thought you were insane. I was pretty sure I was going to be a sky scraper window washer who’d skip days at work to surf and eat salt water taffy.  But I met a boy…isn’t that how most of the stories go? I met a boy who was from Alaska and soon enough I was headed up “just to visit” and ended up never leaving. 30 years later, kids are grown and moving forward, we decided it's time for a change and much less snow! At 19 years old, I flew back to California to sell all of my belongings except the shorts that would fit in my suitcase {I literally owned NO pants when I moved up to Alaska in February} and a year and a half later I was married. I still to this day finish that story off with “what was I thinking?”After 30 years in Alaska, kids grown and moving forward it was time for a change. We looked all over the US for somewhere we could compromise on writing our second chapter so to speak. Being a California girl at heart the west coast has always been home. Combine my love of the west coast, my husbands desire to have land in a small town and you get our new house on 5 acres in Chehalis Washington! Clearly I’m a bit of a risk taker and tenacious which it turns out are helpful qualities to have as a photographer. I strive to run my business in a way that makes me proud and I’m honored to have a great reputation in our community.

When I asked my friends on Facebook how they'd describe me for my About Me page. I loved their funny answers and they were pretty spot on!






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