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Sugar Six Boudoir Experience

WHAT IS BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY? - My definition of boudoir photography is photography for women that makes them feel beautiful and sexy. That can be in sexy dresses, lingerie or tasteful nudes. Whatever you are comfortable with. Boudoir means bedroom in French so it's basically sexy intimate photos.

DO I HAVE TO BE THIN, TAN, YOUNG...ETC. TO DO A BOUDOIR SESSION? - Any woman can book a boudoir session and trust me you do not need to be perfect, thin, fit, tan or whatever else you're telling yourself you need to be to do a boudoir session. Anyone can look sexy & glam. I've been photographing boudoir for 12 years and I've photographed women of all shapes, sizes & ages! I LOVE photographing boudoir because man are we hard on ourselves! Boudoir photography gives me a chance to show you your own beauty and that's one of my very favorite things to do as a photographer.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN THE MINI SESSION SPECIAL AND A STAND ALONE SESSION? - There are two boudoir photography options available with Sugar Six. One is to book your own stand alone full session anytime. The other is to participate in one of my very popular boudoir mini specials.


MINI SPECIALS - The mini specials happen a few times a year and is a day when i book boudoir mini's back to back and we turn it into a fun boudoir party of sorts. The mini special includes hair and makeup by a professional team I bring in for the event. You arrive at the studio at a predetermined time, go into hair and makeup along side other ladies there for the special and when it's time you'll move into a private room for your photography time. The photography time is a mini session so about half of the time that you'd have if you booked a stand alone session of your own. The rate for the special includes the professional hair and makeup team as well as the photography portion so it's all in one special rate opportunity. If you don't know where to begin, love the idea of having your hair and makeup done professionally and only want a few outfits a mini special is a great fit for you.

Mini specials are announced on my Facebook and Instagram several weeks prior to the special and are usually in January, June & November. The mini's sell out very quickly so if you are interested be sure to follow my social media accounts and call/text as soon as booking opens.

STAND ALONE BOUDOIR SESSION - A stand alone boudoir session can be booked anytime during the year and can be at your home, a hotel room you book or in the studio. The date, time & location is up to you. A stand alone session only includes the photography time so hair and makeup is not included. I do have hair and makeup referrals I can provide so you can book your own hair and makeup services if you'd like. A stand alone session is about an hour of photography time and can include multiple outfits and/or different looks. Because of the increased photography time a stand alone session results in about double the images of a mini special session. If yu'd like to take care of your own hair and makeup, would like more time, more outfits and more images then the stand alone session is a good fit for you.

WHO PROVIDES THE CLOTHES? - You will bring all of your clothing and accessories to your boudoir session. I do have wraps, sheets, blankets, etc. for us to use but I do not provide any wardrobe for boudoir sessions. Once you have booked you will receive a what to wear guide for boudoir giving you some ideas of what to bring to be photographed in.

DO I HAVE TO BE NAKED? - Nope, you can show as little or as much skin as you are comfortable with. A boudoir session is all about feeling sexy so whatever makes you feel sexy. I've had women bring dresses, a lover's shirt, sports jerseys, bra & panties and everything in between. Most women opt for lingerie type clothing but it's totally up to you.

DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE ME IN MY UNDERWEAR? - Your photography time is always private whether it's in the mini special or a stand alone session. During the mini specials i have a totally separate boudoir photography bedroom we will be shooting in and no one but the two of us will be in there. During a stand alone session I recommend that no one be home if we do it in your home and/or hotel room.

DO YOU SHOW MY IMAGES ONLINE? - Your boudoir images are NEVER shown online in any manner unless you specifically give permission for me to do so. I will never post sneak peeks on social media, use them in my online galleries or show them to anyone if you do not want me to. I completely honor everyone's privacy!

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO POSE - Don't worry about that at all. I'll pose you from your fingertips to your toes. I'll tell you exactly what to do. I've been photographing boudoir for years and making women look sexy is something i'm good at. We will use light to highlight what you love, shadows to downplay what you don't and posing to make you look amazing. In addition to good posing & lighting everyone gets a sprinkle of photoshop in their boudoir photography! I've got you girl!

IS IT AWKWARD DURING THE SHOOT? - This is a super common question and concern and I can assure you it's usually not awkward at all. I photograph boudoir because I get it. I've picked on myself my entire life. I've always been too fat, too pale, too blotchy, too name it and I've thought it. I totally and completely understand your insecurities! I'm a chubby 45 year old mom who will be in yoga pants and a t-shirt looking a hot mess. You'll feel sexy, look 1000x's better than me and it'll be so much fun. I know that sounds cliche but truly it's a lot of fun! The mood is not at all serious or creepy or anything else you are probably worried about. Most women who come in terrified leave feeling empowered and recharged. We will talk about what you love about your body, what you don't, laugh about how silly you feel posing in panties (or whatever you bring) and then move on to make you look smoking hot!

DO YOU OFFER COUPLES BOUDOIR? - I do not offer couple's boudoir at this time. Because i'm not super serious stuffy I think we'd giggle the whole time and we'd totally miss the mark for sexy. LOL. If you'd like a couple's session i can certainly refer you to some photographers who do offer that...without giggling. :)

WHAT IF I'M PREGNANT? - If you are pregnant and want to look sexy pregnant we can totally do a maternity boudoir session for you. We just lean a little more sexy, more revealing, than a normal maternity session.

CAN I BRING SOMEONE WITH ME TO MY SESSION? - You can certainly bring a girlfriend to your stand alone boudoir session! I do not allow men in studio during the boudoir session. If you'd like to have a man present, but not photographed, at your in home session we can discuss but I do not allow any men in studio during boudoir.

DO YOU PHOTOSHOP THE IMAGES? - Yes indeed. All boudoir images receive hand retouching and all of the images will be returned to you polished and pretty. I think every woman deserves a little photoshop to make sure you look your best. If you have heavy duty retouching needs like tattoo removal, etc. we can certainly discuss.

CAN I BRING ALCOHOL WITH ME? - For liability reasons I do not allow alcohol in my studio. If you opt for an in home session, or in hotel room, you can bring your own alcohol if you'd like. I do not recommend however that you drink to excess because your images will reflect your lack of focus after a few adult beverages.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? - The stand alone session boudoir pricing information is below. The mini specials are all individually priced and pricing is announced along with dates a few weeks prior to the special. The mini specials are significantly less expensive than the full stand alone sessions because it's setup in a marathon style with women back to back all day.

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