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Why Hire Sugar Six?

Why should you hire me as your photographer? I could say all the "right" things like I'm amazing, easy to work with, creative, etc. and while all of those things are true I understand you may need to know more than that to invest your hard earned money in my photography services. So here are some reasons you should pick me as your photographer.

Let's start with the obvious - You like my photography & want images similar to those in my portfolio. Every photographer has a different style and if you are going to hire me you should first and foremost like my work. If you like rich deep colors, clean timeless editing, flattering poses and quality light then I'm your girl.

Quality Lighting-

If you love beautiful light in photographs then I could be a good fit for you. Quality, quantity and direction of light are key to beautiful rich images and as we all know natural light is totally unpredictable. Being a photographer in Alaska for 15 years had MANY lighting challenges. From 3pm sunsets in the winter, to harsh overhead light all day all summer and everything in between I struggled to create the images I wanted. Many years ago I threw in the natural light only towel and invested a ton of time & money into off camera flash training and gear. Best decision of my photography career. Now I wasn't limited on days we have crummy natural light and I could capture the rich blue skies, vibrant colors & creamy warm skin tones anytime I wanted! Since then I've received my flash master certification & attended many more lighting workshops. Sure I love using natural light outdoors when it will produce the gorgeous images I want (which is often now that I'm in Chehalis WA with beautiful sunsets every evening) but I don't ever have to sacrifice quality or use filters & editing to disguise bad natural light.  I'm excited to use natural light more here in Washington but I have the flash capabilities if/when it is needed to make beautiful "natural" looking images in studio, outside or even on top of a mountain!


Consistency -

When hiring a photographer you want someone who is consistent with their style and the work they deliver. You want to receive images similar to those you see on their website and trust that you will receive a consistent product. With over 15 years in business my style is consistent and you can trust that you will receive images that are similar to those shown in my portfolio. My business practices are well established which means the process will be the same every time and your experience will be the same as your friends. No inconsistent editing, irregular coloring or frequently changing processes and policies. You will always know what to expect, what you will be receiving for your investment and who you will be dealing with.


Digital All Inclusive No Nonsense Packages -

So here is the thing - I'm a really bad high pressure salesperson. I hate the whole game of having really cheap session fees only to try to hook you into a large sale once you've seen your beautiful images. I'd rather poke my eyes out than have to sit with a new mom and force her to pick between pose 1 & pose 2 because she can't afford both. What I want to do is tell you up front what it will cost for me to create beautiful images for you and then give you ALL of those beautiful images! No stressful sales meetings, no slideshow to make you cry and feel guilty for not buying everything and no pressure to spend more than you can agreed to going in. Every single package with Sugar Six is flat rate all inclusive with easy to understand up front pricing and all of the finished edited high resolution images included. You can certainly purchase prints, wall art & albums if you would like but there is absolutely zero pressure or obligation to spend one dollar more than your pre-agreed upon package. I don't want to be a high pressure sales person holding your valuable memories hostage. I just want to be your favorite photographer.


Experience -

The idea of having your portrait taken is terrifying to many of us, myself included. I'm the photographer who hates to be photographed so believe me when I say I totally get any anxiety the whole portrait process might bring on. How do I choose what to wear? Will I have a double chin? Will my kids cooperate & smile? When you hire me you truly don't need to stress. I've got this. With a background as a Montessori preschool teacher, 23 years as a mom to my own uncooperative kids, 29 years experience as a wife to a husband who detests the family portrait experience, more than 100 weddings under my belt and over 15 years portrait photography experience I've really truly got this!  I've seen it all, your kids don't scare me, I'll tell you exactly how to pose to flatter your figure and I am prepared for anything (and I bring a treasure box for bribery). I'm easy to work with, I retouch all of my images because everyone deserves a smidge of photoshop magic and I can promise it won't be as painful as you imagine. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is certainly true with photographers and I will use all of my experience to help you get the beautiful images you've dreamed of.

If you need more convincing or have any questions please give me a call! I'm happy to answer any questions about my services you might have. I recognize that my services are an investment and I want it to be an investment you're comfortable with. I'm very transparent with my business practices and I'm happy to discuss any questions with you before you book.

Samantha Gawrys


Sugar Six Photography

Chehalis Washington Photographer



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