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Sugar Six Portrait Experience

"Be humble, be kind, be brave, plan adventures, cherish your loved ones, seize the day and be sure to take pictures along the way" - Author unknown but this is one of my favorite sayings that hangs on my living room wall. I wish I had taken more pictures along the way. I wish I had been in more pictures along the way! Some people, myself included, find having pictures taken stressful. Good news is because I understand the stress that can come with portraits I do my best to eliminate it and make the process as fun as possible! I've got your back on this. I'll do everything i can during your shoot to make you all look fantastic & then in post processing I'll use a sprinkle of photoshop magic to ensure that everyone looks their best. SCROLL DOWN FOR PORTRAIT PACKAGE PRICING.

BOOKING YOUR PACKAGE - You can schedule your portrait package anytime year round (except for a brief closure every December) and you can pick if you'd like your portraits to be in studio or outdoors. I have a variety of package options so simply give me a call to schedule your own portrait session at 907-317-1433 anytime.  


GETTING SCHEDULED - When you call we will schedule your portrait session based on the kind of portraits you would like and whether you'd like in studio or outdoors. You can select either indoors or outdoors for any of the packages for no additional charges either way. I offer maternity & newborn combo packages, newborn only packages, a package for families, high school seniors, engagements, anniversaries, college graduation, toddlers & children. I can even take portraits of you and your pets! My studio space is about 1000 square feet of  dedicated photography on my home property and is not used for any other purpose. You can tour the studio on the "Tour the Studio" page.

Sugar Six Photography is an all digital, all inclusive, flat rate portrait photographer. Every package includes your photography time, retouching and all of your finished images in high resolution with personal print rights. You can print, share, tweet, Facebook, Instagram away as much as you'd like. At booking you will receive an invoice for the first half retainer for your selected package. To secure your photography time you'll simply pay the invoice and you will then receive a confirmation and information about how to prepare for your portrait session.

WHAT TO BRING - Once your photography session time arrives you'll meet me at the designated location and/or my studio in Chehalis Washington. You'll want to bring your outfits for the photo session, any items you'll need for touch ups on hair & makeup and anything significant you want included in your shoot (i.e. a special blanket, a family heirloom chair, etc). I'll have everything else we need for your portraits. Most session times allow for an outfit change or two which we will plan based on the package you select.

WHAT TO EXPECT - When you arrive at your session we will spend a few minutes discussing what you'd like your images to look like, what you are most self continuous of and what my plan for your portraits time is. If you have young children with you we will give them a few minutes to settle in and be comfortable with the surroundings. Once your session begins i'll tell you exactly what to do, where to stand, where to put your hands, etc. We will also get some candid casual portraits and i'll help guide you through that as well.

WITH CHILDREN - When you are bringing children in for portraits its helpful if you don't stress them out with expectations to smile or stand up straight, etc. I'll use my tricks, stupid jokes and ridiculous antics to get real genuine smiles out of the children. If you tell them to say cheese or make them feel pressured to perform odds are they will do the opposite and we will not get the genuine personalities to come through like we want. Having taught Montessori preschool for several years, raised my own children and been in business doing child portraiture for 15 years trust me your kids don't scare me. I'm confident we can get some real smiles during your session! Simply let them know we will be taking pictures and if they listen well and cooperate they get to select a treasure from my very popular treasure chest.


Your child's safety is very important during the shoot. Please do discuss with your children the behavior you expect to keep them safe. I have a strict no climbing or running rule in the studio for their own safety. Please keep an eye on your children in studio, and on location, to ensure their safety. While I try to help keep track of everyone i'm also focusing on engaging subjects, managing gear, lighting, etc. and I don't know what your child is likely to find appealing like you do. If at any time you feel we need to change locations for safety reasons just let me know. We can always plan to move from outdoor to in studio or vise versa if you have any safety concerns. If your child has any special needs (mobility issues, severe allergies, phobias, sensitivity issues etc.) please discuss it with me in advance so we can make a plan. I'm happy to accommodate in any way that I can and I'd rather know in advance what you're child's needs are so I can be prepared for your time.

AFTER THE SHOOT - After your shoot you will sign a release form and indicate if you'd like a sneak peek on my social media or not. If you opt to have a sneak peak you will see one go up on my Facebook or my Instagram within a few days of your session. Your full gallery will be ready about 2-3 weeks after your photo shoot. Once your images are ready I will email you a link to your preview slideshow.


Assuming you love your images and want to complete the purchase of your package you will pay your final balance (the second half of your package) and you will receive a private link to access and download your images from. You can also order prints directly from your online gallery and your prints will be color calibrated and safety shipped directly to you from my professional lab. You can also share the gallery link with anyone you'd like. Grandparents, siblings and even your neighbor if you'd like, can log into your gallery if you choose to give them the download password and download whichever images they'd like free of charge. No more having to print #6 for grandma and have to shop them out yourself. You can allow anyone to simply view the gallery or you can provide the download password and they can download or print right from within your gallery. If they opt to print images they can pay with their own credit card and images come directly from my professional lab right to them. No more worrying about mailing prints, having them damaged in shipping or having Aunt Betty upset you forgot to mail her one as well.

PRINTING & SHARING - I highly encourage clients to print their favorites, even if just small 4x6 or 5x7 size, right away directly from your gallery. Reality is life moves fast, we forget to print our memories and five years later realize that all of our precious photographs live only on a computer hard drive. PRINT your images right away so you have hard copies you can frame, place in a box on the coffee table, pin on the fridge, walk by and enjoy everyday. PRINT so your children can see their images throughout the house and feel loved! Please PRINT your images so you have little pieces of you all over your home as tangible reminders of those you love. Most of us are guilty of having our entire life legacy live on social media and on a computer hard drive tucked away somewhere and I highly encourage you not to fall victim to that.

BACKUP - Backup backup backup!!!! Your online gallery with Sugar Six will be up for 90 days from the date you receive the link. You do need to download them all before that time or a re-upload fee will be charged if you need the gallery to go back up after that 90 day window. I maintain images in my backup system for one year from the date of your shoot but it is your responsibility to back them up in multiple locations. Computer drives, flash drives, etc. do fail ALL the time and you don't want all of your images to be lost with them! Backup in your own computer, online somewhere (Amazon prime offers unlimited photo storage as part of the Prime membership for example) or stash a flash drive at a relatives house. Wherever you put them be sure to put them multiple places for safekeeping!


Having trouble opening the PDF Portrait Pricing Guide? Click here for an image based view instead.

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