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FAQ's & Policies




Where are you located?

I’m now located in Chehalis WA off the Jackson HWY. Just 1.5 miles as the crow flies from exit 71 on I5. Sugar Six Photography provides newborn photography for Chehalis, Centralia, Tumwater, Olympia, Longview & Kelso areas. I've also had photography clients come from Seattle, Tacoma, JBLM, Vancouver, etc. Chehalis is an easy straight highway drive from just about anywhere in western Washington. Before moving to Chehalis I was located in Eagle River Alaska for 30 years.


What do you photograph?

I’m a portrait photographer. I photograph newborns, babies, children, families, engagements, high school seniors and professional head shots.


What is the studio address?

My address will be provided to you in your prep information once a session is booked. Because my studio is attached to my home I do not list my exact address online.


Is your studio a professional setup?

Yes! When people hear a studio on someone's home property they sometimes envision a temporary setup. My studio is a 1000 square ft permanently established studio space. It is used exclusively for photography services and is in a totally separate space. You can see a photos of the studio setup in the "Tour the Studio" section under information.


How far in advance do you book?

Typically I book about 2-3 weeks in advance. For portraits you can pick your exact date and time for your session. For newborns I encourage people to book while still expecting, as early as possible, as I have limited slots for newborns each month. Because babies come on their own timeline we simply book you in for your due date week. Then once baby has actually been born, be that earlier or later than that due date, you contact me and we get you scheduled in for an actual date and time.


How much do you cost?

My pricing guides can be found here – Maternity/Newborn pricingPortrait PricingHigh School Senior Pricing


Do you include the digital negatives with your packages?

Yes! Every single package with Sugar Six Photography is all inclusive and comes with your retouched high resolution digital files. You can share, print, post and archive as you'd like at no additional charge.


How long until I get my images back?

Your images will typically be edited and ready to preview approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. Once previewed, and final balance is paid, you will receive your gallery link within 24 hours of payment.


Will you travel to an area outside the Chehalis area for portraits?

Yes, I’m happy to discuss locations for your portraits outside my normal area. There are travel fees involved for a portrait session more than 20 miles away from my studio space. We can discuss travel fees specific to where you would like to go at inquiry.


Do you require money up front?

Yes, with every portrait package 50% of the package is due as a retainer to book your session time. The remaining 50% is due after you have previewed your final images.


How do I book a package & schedule my appointment time?

Simply give me a call at 907-317-1433, text, or email to and we can get you scheduled in. I do not offer online scheduling at this time because I like to discuss what you're looking for before accepting your retainer.

How does the overall process work?

First you will call, select a package based on your needs and schedule your session time with Sugar Six Photography. Once scheduled you will pay your retainer, typically 50% of your session fee (exceptions to this would be mini sessions or special offers) to secure your time slot. Once your session date arrives you will come for your session time and we will photograph you. Once your session is over, approximate two - three weeks after your session date, your finished edited images will be ready to preview in an online slideshow. Once previewed, assuming you love them and want them, you will pay the final 50% of your session and receive your images in a private password protected gallery within 24 hours of final payment.

Who chooses the images I receive?

Your gallery will come with an estimated amount of images based on the package selected. Those images are chosen by the photographer based on focus, lighting, expression and quality. All editing, cropping & selection is done at photographer's discretion. If there are additional images I feel meet that quality standard I will provide them in your gallery at no extra charge. The amount of images estimated for each package is simply an approximate number. All images not meeting the quality, focus, expression standards, as deemed by the photographer, will be deleted and are not available for purchase. Sugar Six Photography does not offer re-edits on images once processed and previewed.


Do you take credit card?

Yes I take credit card payments online or in person as well as cash but please no personal checks.


What if we schedule an outdoor session and it’s bad weather?

If we’ve scheduled you for an outdoor session I will touch base to confirm and discuss the weather forecast the day before. If weather is a concern we will discuss rescheduling options and make a plan. If we decide to reschedule your session due to weather there is no rescheduling fee.


What if I need to reschedule my session for a reason other than weather?

If you need to reschedule for some reason please contact me as soon as possible and we can discuss options. I require 24 hours notice to reschedule and maintain your retainer. However I do try to be very reasonable and I know life happens especially with small children. If anything comes up please contact me and we can discuss reasonable options.


We have a scheduled session and my child is sick should I still come?

If your session will be outdoors, and it's a minor illness like a cold, the choice is yours based on how you think your child will cooperate while not feeling good. If its in studio I have a no illness policy. Because newborns are a frequent visitor to my studio it’s important it’s as germ free as possible. Please contact me ASAP to discuss if someone in your party is sick on portrait day. If you, or anyone in your household or photography party, have been exposed to Covid or show any signs of Covid symptoms please do not come to your session. Simply contact me and we can discuss getting you scheduled.


Is your studio handicap accessible?

Yes. I have an alternate entrance to the studio space (a large garage door) that can be used as an entrance if I know that's requested in advance. The photography space is easy to access for a variety of mobility levels through that alternate entrance. Because my studio was originally a residential space, and not a commercial building, the rest room is small & not fully accessible. If specific accommodations are needed i'm happy to schedule your session to take place outdoors, or at an alternate indoor location, that can accommodate your specific needs. With portraiture we have a lot of options, including photographing in your space, if specific accommodations are needed. Just let me know in advance and we can make a plan that works.


Are you allergy friendly?

My space is a smoke free, separate dedicated space, with an easy to wash epoxy concrete floor. So in general it's fairly low on allergens. However my short haired dog does occasionally come through the space. If anyone in your party has allergy concerns please let me know and we can discuss and/or I can ensure the dog is not allowed in after a thorough cleaning. I try to accommodate everyone as best I can.

What are your cleaning practices in studio?

I take cleaning and sanitizing very seriously and strive to keep my studio extremely clean. The entire space is cleaned & sanitized to the best of my ability between clients including wiping down hard surfaces, spraying fabric items with disinfectant and washing backdrops before being used again. Due to covid concerns I am not scheduling more than one indoor client per day to provide time for sufficient cleaning between clients.

What are your covid & mask policies?

Sugar Six will follow all county and/or state guidelines pertaining to covid regulations. I'm not currently requiring masks at this time but i'm happy to wear one if it makes you more comfortable. I am fully vaccinated against covid, as well as other diseases, and take my clients health very seriously. If you have any concerns about having a session because of covid please let me know and we can address them.

How long have you been in business?

I was in business in Alaska for 15 years and have just recently moved to Washington and my business along with me. I have been a licensed, registered and fully legal business in Lewis County Washington as of 2/1/22.


Canon or Nikon?

Yes I’m asked this a lot. I shoot Nikon… hard feelings Canon folks.


Portrait Retainer -

A retainer payment is required to book every package with Sugar Six Photography. Typically your retainer will be 50% of your package or payment in full for mini sessions as outlined at booking. The retainer secures your time slot for your session, covers the prep time, photography time and retouching. Once your session has taken place the retainer is non refundable.

Rescheduling -

If you have paid your retainer and need to reschedule your session simply call or email as soon as you learn you need to reschedule. 24 hours notice is required to reschedule but I try to be as flexible as possible. Your retainer will be applied toward your future session date and time as long as that session takes place within three months of your original session date. Additional reschedules will be allowed at Sugar Six discretion but are not guaranteed. If you no show, or fail to reschedule within three months from your original session time, your retainer is non refundable and is applied to cover photographer's lost income & time for holding your slot for you.

Purchasing your images -

Once you have had your session, and your images have been retouched, you will receive an online slideshow to preview your finished polished images. You will receive the preview link via email within 2-3 weeks of your original session date. Once you have previewed your images, assuming you love them and want them, you simply call or email to make your final package payment. Once your final payment is made your images will be available for you to download on your own private website within 24 hours of final payment.

Satisfaction Guarantee -

If you do not love your images from your session once you preview you have two options. I want everyone to love their images so I'd be happy to offer you a reshoot at no charge. If you opt for a reshoot we will schedule a date and time within three months of your original date per the reschedule policy and reshoot the same session with the same subjects. If you opt for a reshoot your images from the first session will be deleted and will not be available for purchase and your reshoot images will take their place as your package images. Instead of a reshoot you can opt not to complete purchase of your package, your first payment of the retainer is applied to cover photography time & retouching, and you make no further payments. Your images will then be deleted and will not be available to purchase at a later date.

Retouching -

Your images will receive basic retouching and editing at the photographers discretion. Skin will be slightly smoothed, blemishes removed and images generally polished and made ready for print. Any additional retouching, once images have been previewed, can be arranged for an hour editing fee.

Payment Type -

Major credit cards or cash can be used for payment. Sugar Six Photography does not accept personal checks, Paypal, Venmo, etc.

Personal Conduct -

Photography is a very personalized service so it's important that everyone involved feel safe and respected throughout the process. Sugar Six has the right to refuse service to anyone and will exercise that right if anyone can not be respectful or safe. All photo locations are suggestions only and you are welcome to decline any area, pose, or situation you feel uncomfortable with. There are many location options available and we can easily amend the location plan if you feel you or your children need accommodations in any way. It is the parents responsibility to supervise & control their children at all times. It is the parents responsibility to keep children, and or pets, safe in the studio or at any off site location. Sugar Six will not knowingly trespass for photography purposes. If you have a location in mind that is private property you will need to obtain appropriate permission before we can agree to that as a location. Sugar Six is not responsible for any injury sustained during a photo shoot. All photo shoots will end immediately, and parties asked to leave, if someone threatens the safety of others. If asked to leave a photo session the retainer portion paid covers that lost photography time and there will be no refunds & no images from the session provided.

Image Delivery -

High Resolution images will be provided without watermark. Image file size will vary based on cropping & post processing but in general high resolution means images larger than 2500x2500 pixels at 300 DPI. Digital negatives are large enough to comfortably print 24x30" prints. Larger prints can be ordered from the files depending on file dimensions. Sugar Six offers lifetime file preparation for images intended for print over 24x30" in size.

File Format -

Images will be delivered in digital format online through a web based service. Clients can download unlimited times, share the link with anyone they choose and print through my professional lab directly through their private gallery. Sugar Six is not responsible for online access monitoring. Personal privacy is honored as best as possible and images will never be shared online without your specific permission. Sugar Six galleries will be removed upon request at any time. However due to the nature of the internet Sugar Six can not guarantee removal of images that have been copied by others to other sources such as Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Image Storage -

Sugar Six Photography will maintain the final images, for completed and paid packages, for one year after the photo shoot. Online galleries will stay active for at least 90 days for clients to download images & order directly from the lab. After that 90 days, but before the one year mark, the gallery can be rehosted upon request for a $10 service charge fee. After one year from the date of the shoot Sugar Six does not guarantee storage of the images so it is critical that clients backup images to multiple locations for long term storage.

Products -

If you choose to order wall art or albums through Sugar Six Photography products will be ordered once paid in full. Due to the custom nature of photography products once design once wording and layout are approved the orders are non refundable. All products ordered and shipped to Sugar Six must be picked up within 30 days of arrival notification. Prints ordered through your private gallery are fulfilled directly from the professional lab and shipped directly to the address you supply. Sugar Six Photography is not responsible for orders coming directly from the lab to the customer.

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